Move your mouse around to generate public and private Bitcoin addresses: 
 Keep moving your mouse. It should only take a few seconds to create both keys.

Or, type random characters into this textbox for extra entropy:
Bitcoin Public Address
Private Key (Wallet Import Format)
Copy the Bitcoin Public Address above, and paste it into the
Bitcoin address shortener to give it a custom name for public sharing.

IMPORTANT: The green share Bitcoin address on the left is your Public bitcoin address. This is the address and QR code you can share freely with the world to accept bitcoin payments with. The red secret Bitcoin address on the right is your Private bitcoin address. A private address is to be kept secret and not given out to anybody. Think of it as your secret password for your Public Bitcoin address.

You can print this page and it is encouraged to keep both your Public and Private Bitcoin keys offline for safe-keeping. If you lose your Private key, it can not be retrieved. If you leave this page, both keys will not be retrievable. You can only generate new ones from here.

The purpose of this tool is so that you can generate Public and Private Bitcoin addresses for use. To manage your funds on your Public address, you will need to open a Bitcoin wallet. You can open a free wallet on To import these addresses to your wallet, click on Import/Export. Use the Private key on the right to import this address to your wallet.

What is this? This tool is an open source JavaScript client-side Bitcoin address generator. The JavaScript is readable, not minified, and contains no XMLHttpRequest's (no AJAX). The benefit of this technique is so that you can load the JavaScript locally and trust that the JavaScript did not change after being loaded. To test this, you can save this page locally (Ctrl-S), and disconnect from the Internet. You can then click Generate New Address to generate new Public and Private Bitcoin addresses offline at anytime. You can view the open source code on GitHub. JavaScript copyrights are included in the source.

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Created by @davidshares. Special thanks to @imnotanerd for code help.
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